Emulint Rub
Emulint Rub
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Emulint Rub


" Emulint - Winner of the Australian Lavender Growers Association – Best Product Award "

For those suffering with painful, swollen and stiff joints, regular use of Emulint™ treatment products will assist in relaxing the muscles and reduce swelling, stiffness and pain in joints.

Emulint was created to utilise the unique, penetrating & anti-inflammatory properties of Australian Emu oil with a blend of lavender, eucalyptus, juniper & wintergreen essential oils.

This very special product is an ideal treatment oil for arthritic pain, muscular soreness, bruising, swelling, bed sores and when recovering from injuries. It’s pleasant smelling & an effective treatment oil that works on the muscular structure & spirits at the same time.

Recognised as the most potent natural skin care product, Emu Oil is composed of natural fatty acids which easily penetrate the skin and makes it so beneficial in treatment products.


Australian Emu Oil - Research has confirmed Emu oil contains a large percentage of linolenic & oleic acids which easily penetrate the skin to provide anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling. Emu oil’s exceptional properties assist in the management of chronic injuries, resulting in up to 50% faster healing. It is therefore particularly helpful for sporting injuries.

By reducing swelling, emu oil together with Emulint’s combination of essential oils, eases the pain of muscle inquiries, sprains, injured ligaments, heel spurs & tendon damage. When used regularly it acts like an analgesic without the side effects of cortisone and other drugs.

Lavender Essential Oil – Beneficial for muscular, rheumatic & general joint pain. Lavender’s balancing effect calms uncontrolled emotional states to bring feelings under conscious control..

Lavender’s balancing effect calms uncontrolled emotional states by bring feelings under conscious control.

Blue Gum Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Effective for rheumatoid arthritis & helps to remove toxins in the joints. Very good for muscular pain, especially tired, stiff & overworked muscles.

Juniper Essential Oil - Assists joint problems such as gout, aching joints & rheumatism. Relieves cramps, painful muscles.

Wintergreen Essential Oil – Sooths discomfort in muscles & joints. Wintergreen has a pleasing smell that helps to release pain especially ‘holding on’ to physical pain exacerbated by stress & tension.

Apply cream to affected area 2-3 times a day, and before retiring.