Energiser Blend
Energiser Blend
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Energiser Blend


McLaren Vale Lavender Energiser Blend contains oils from the citrus family renowned for their clean, fresh, lively and stimulating properties.

Together with lavender to assist with balancing the emotions, Energiser Blend will contribute to clearing negative thoughts and fears and promote a steadying influence on the psyche, and assist feelings of cheerfulness and joy.

Citrus oils are stimulating to help clear indecision and allow positive thinking that assists the body and mind into action.

Applications: Massage, Room spritz, Oil burner, pulse perfume. A detailed information sheet is supplied with this product.

Contains 100% pure essential oils of:- Lavender - Highly fragrant, balancing, safe essential oil. Orange - Sweet, fresh and fruity with stimulating, cheerful properties Lemon - Crisp, clean scent that enlivens the emotions Grapefruit- Light and tangy fragrance that lifts the spirits and boosts confidence.


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