Immune Bost
Immune Bost
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Immune Bost


McLaren Vale Lavender Immune Boost

Antibacterial essential oils with properties to stimulate the immune system by their absorption into the lymphatic system to help the body fight attacks of bacteria & viruses.

Contains: Lavender, Rosemary & Orange Essential Oils Application: Massage, bath, oil burner, tissue, room spritz


Lavender Essential Oil is the most versatile & useful oil for therapeutic purposes.  Its beautiful fragrance strengthens the psyche & conscious mind allowing our body to benefit from its healing & regenerative powers.

Orange Essential Oil. 

This bright, lively, cheering oil is a valuable aid for the circulatory & digestive systems.  It assists in dispersing gloomy thoughts & is fortifying.

Rosemary Essential Oil has similar properties to lavenders.  It is also stimulating oil that encourages faster cell renewal, particularly during times of convalescence or fragile health.  Rosemary oil strengthens the body’s natural ability to recuperate & heal.


This information is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis for those suffering with chronic, ongoing or other medical conditions. In these cases always seek the advice of a medical practitioner.