Lavender Bear
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Lavender Bear


Mac is the name we have chosen for our lavender and wheat filled, heat pack bear.

When Mac is heated in the microwave for 2 minutes, the essential oil of lavender is released which emits a delightful fragrance to comfort, & help relieve aches, pains & stress.

Every bear that leaves our farm is inspected and guaranteed to contain the finest quality wheat & lavender.

Mac is filled and packed by The Phoenix Society Inc. of South Australia – Employing & Training People with Disabilities.

Mac comes with full instructions for use. Be aware when first used Mac will feel slightly damp when heated, this is normal & will reduce over time. The lavender fragrance will also diminish with regular use. Renew the scent by placing a drop of McLaren Vale Lavender Essential oil on the bear AFTER HEATING.


" Emulint - Winner of the Australian Lavender Growers Association – Best Product Award "