Lavender Honey (500g)
Lavender Honey (500g)
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Lavender Honey (500g)

McLaren Vale Lavender honey is pure, raw and untreated honey.

McLaren Vale Lavender honey is pure, raw, untreated honey, collected from bee habitats in our bushland garden and the conservation areas of the Fleurieu Peninsula and Coorong, South Australia.

In the beehive the nectar is converted to honey. A miracle of nature.

Seasonal Variation:

As plants follow the seasons, honey alters accordingly in colour and flavour, which reflects the nectar from the plant. For this reason bee hives are moved to different locations throughout the year to maximize the collection of nectar when different plants are in blossom.

Raw honey will thicken and crystallize over time. This does not alter the taste or health benefits of honey. To revert back to a runny consistency, simply place sealed jar in a container of warm water.

Properties of Raw Honey:

  • Raw honey is naturally antimicrobial. This means bacteria cannot grow on it. Honey does not ‘go off’.
  • No chemicals, hormones or artificial additives of any kind are used
  • Contains natural vitamins, enzymes and powerful anti-oxidants
  • Helpful for digestive health with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Assists the immune system to control allergies
Give your taste buds a treat!