Soothing Blend
Soothing Blend
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Soothing Blend


McLaren Vale Lavender Soothing Blend is for times when one needs protection from other people’s emotions & should be used to relieve deeply felt tensions & fears.

This beautiful exotic blend of oils induces tranquillity that is arousing & strengthening

Contains: Lavender, Vetiver & Mandarin Essential oils Application: Inhalation, cold compress, mouthwash, massage, tissue, pill


Lavender Essential Oil is simply the most effective oil to relax sooth & calm he mind & body.

Vetiver Essential Oil is often referred to an ‘the oil of tranquility’.  Its earthy aroma assists to calm & balance the mind, while relieving nervous tension.

Mandarin Essential Oil is regarded as safe neutralizing oil.  It sooths restlessness & nervous tension & has an uplifting refreshing aroma.


This information is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnosis for those suffering with chronic, ongoing or other medical conditions. In these cases always seek the advice of a medical practitioner.